PLAY Music will enhance your day with beautiful live music. Let our string quartet set the mood for your guests awaiting your entrance to the ceremony; or allow us to entertain them with Broadway favourites, tangos and jazz standards at the reception venue.
Your wedding should be a realisation of your ideas and dreams. The ambience of live music adds unparalleled elegance to such a day.

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Performs Classical & Light Music including Tangos, Broadway, Love Songs and Jazz Arrangements or Contemporary Music such as Coldplay, U2, Beatles and Queen


String Quartet - Two violins, viola and cello.

String Trio - Two violins and cello

String Duo - Violin and cello

Solo Performer - Solo violin or solo cello

Choosing the ensemble size? Consideration should be given to the size of your event, the type of venue and whether it takes place indoors or outdoors. Quartets and Trios work beautifully for outside events and larger groups; it allows for a wonderfully resonant sound and there is a greater variety of repertoire to choose from. Duos and Solo performers are better suited to smaller settings and indoor venues.

Performs Classical and Light Music including Tangos, Broadway, Love Songs and Jazz arrangements.


Combination Quartet - Flute, violin, viola and cello

Combination Trio - Flute, violin and cello

Combination Duo - Flute and cello

Classical Guitar Music and a variety of genres including Jazz, African, Irish, Flamenco, Latin and Spanish Music


Guitar Solo - Solo Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Duo – Two Acoustic Guitars

Guitar and Violin Duo – Guitar and Violin

Performs All types of Jazz, Contemporary Jazz and African Jazz Flavours.


Function Jazz Band - Seven Member Jazz Band

Jazz Quartet - Trumpet or Flugelhorn, Saxophone or Trombone with Keyboard and Drums or Bass

Jazz Trio - Trumpet, Saxophone or Trombone, Keyboard and Drums

Jazz Duo - Saxophone, Flügelhorn or Trumpet and Guitar OR - Jazz Singer and Keyboard